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Kerpoof allows children to draw, tell stories and create cartoons and animations. Very popular website, now part of the Disney family of companies.

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Doink Student Project Examples:

Corresponding Angles by 6thFenn, made at

Cold Front by halseyladii, made at

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Zimmer Twins

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Possible Classroom Uses:
  • The quick and engaging nature of these tools offer unlimited uses. A teacher is only limited by their imagination.
  • Use animation/avatars as a "hook" or mini-lesson.
  • Record a greeting for students that can be seen on the start page of your blog, wiki, or website.
  • Record online assignment information
  • Use this to share homework assignments, a message from you (via a substitute), and more.
  • Use a character that is interesting or matches the assignment you may be leaving.
  • Use these tools to record two different opinions or viewpoints and create a poll of students to view reactions.
  • In Math- pose possible solutions to problems and create a class discussion or poll to determine which one is the actual answer.
  • As students are working on projects, create a character that provides hints and tips for students. Allow students to use these tools to provide peer assessment to others.
  • Consider using in place of other assignments such as "What I did this summer vacation..." or "Here is information about me..."
  • Use in any language class to record narratives or translations.
  • Students can create a variety of characters over time which can show their learning over time. Create classroom newscasts using student(s) on a rotating basis.
  • Use for vocabulary exercises which can be created by students or the teacher.
  • Give directions to your class (for when a substitute is there).
  • Use at back to school night to show your humorous side to the parents.
  • Remember to share the creations on your classroom webpage, blog, or wiki!

Character Development Using Speaking Avatars

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