Locating Images


3rd Party Tools that Search Flickr for Creative Commons Images



4 Free Photos offers public domain and free stock images that are able to be previewed and downloaded (and used in presentations, handouts, etc.) at no cost. This growing library of images is a great place to look for ways to jazz up your work without the fear (or guilt) that you and/or your students will be in violation of the copyright law. With so much social media and access to almost anything on the web, it is important to teach students about copyright and about owner's rights. This site has a great number of pictures on various topics and might have something just right for your project.








Geo-located photos. Type in a location and see pictures taken from there.





Creating Images

Digital Cameras

Possible Classroom Uses:
  • Students explore the school grounds to capture images of objects comprised of geometric shapes and solids (triangles, circles, squares, etc.). They then write about their captured image, i.e., “The playground swing is like a triangle when. . .”
  • A team of students creates a photographic essay comprised of 6 to 10 images to illustrate a concept, story, or how to do something. Without narration, they show their slide show to the class. Students in the audience then interpret the story and write it in their own words.
  • Students take pictures of small details of larger objects with the aim to challenge others with the question, “What is this?” Images are printed then exchanged in class. Students write in descriptive words and phrases about the texture, color and shapes shown in the image then composes a paragraph that describes the object and where they believe the photographer found it.

The Best Ways to Use Photos in Lessons

Editing Images

Closr is an easy to use site that allows you to upload an image and create a widget that lets you zoom in and out on the picture. It is a great tool for educators who are looking to take a closer look at a historical document, map, or even an artistic masterpiece. The "widgets" can be embedded on sites or shared via email. A great tool!

Upload & Share Images


Creating Puzzles

Students absolutely love using the interactive whiteboard as a center. One resource that students particularly enjoy is Befuddlr.
This is a tool that uses Flickr to create a "scramble puzzle" from any Flickr picture (your own pictures or public pictures). Here are some ways to use this resource:

  • Allow students to unscramble a picture about an upcoming topic as a way to activate prior knowledge.
  • Allow students to unscramble a picture of an alphabet puzzle.
  • Allow students to unscramble each other's "All About Me" photos. (With parent permission of course!)
Click here to see an example.