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Shorten URL's

Tiny URL

Share Multiple URLs Shorten multiple urls into one.


ShareTabs- Share your links as tabs.


trickly.png adds the ability to password protect the url. This could add a layer of learning and fun to accessing websites in the classroom. Give your students a shortened url with a secret clue that helps students “unlock” the website. For example, if you are using National Geographic Maps website with your students, don’t just send them to the website, give them a clue that is related to the website such as “Capital of Colorado”. Students have to correctly solve the puzzle to unlock access to the game. The password “Denver” would provide students with access to the website. Create Trick.lyshortened url’s with math, geography, history, spelling, vocabulary, science, or foreign language problems built in. Make the clue to solve related to the end website that students will access. Kids enjoy solving problems, adding a puzzle to a website gives students a sense of anticipation for the activity they will be completing. urls take just seconds to create, they are a fast, easy way to direct your students to a website.

Tools with More Advanced Features

Jog the Web

Jog the Web example of listing the resources on this page


This is an example of an embedded

LiveBinders Your online 3-ring binder

LiveBinders 4 Teachers

LiveBinders Example: Google- Much more than search

LiveBinders Example: Great Web 2.0 Projects

Example with Digital Storytelling resources

LiveBinders Example with all the resources listed above

Other LiveBinder Examples

Other Tools

Only 2 Clicks is a website that allows you to create visual links to other websites. This site is a great way for teachers, especially of young students, to keep all the bookmarked websites that are used in the classroom in one place. They even have an interface for the iPhone, which means that you literally have access to these bookmarks wherever you are.

Web Chops
This free web tool is perfect for teachers who want to share websites with students but want to get rid of ads and other questionable material. Web-Chops allows users to “clip” any part of a web page and rearrange clips onto a custom page that can be shared with other people.


Make Shortened URL's More Interactive with Nurph Chat Rooms

Highlight and Comment on webpages, get a unique URL, share with friends. Collaborate over webpages. Create your own page and invite friends to comment on it . Well, that's their blurb, all in one neat handy title element. Input a URL, create a 'klip', write what you want to say, extract content. Create your own pages as well. Looks nice and easy to use, with good functionality. Would be good for education or guided tours

Possible Uses:

  • An awesome way to save time in the classroom when using multiple websites.
  • Instead of waiting for kids to type in several URL’s to get to the days activities, they type in one URL and share tabs does all the work.
  • Instead of spending 15 minutes waiting for students to type in web addresses, have that time to spend on the web activities.
  • Perfect in the computer lab setting or any time that you want students to visit multiple websites for a lesson.
  • Use for virtual field trips through cyber space without spending time creating a webquest.

  • Also makes sharing sites with colleauges a snap. As you are finding resources for a lesson, "pull them together" and send one link. Your colleagues will thank you!

Sharing Internet Links